Jacqui Chew and Sucheta Kamath at TEDxAtlantaWomen 2022

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As a testament to the production value and curation standards at the TEDx events produced, almost 20 speakers and their ideas have been featured by TED on the global TED platforms including TED.com, TED Audio Collective and the TED Innovation Blog.

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Mental Health Advocate

Since my bipolar disorder diagnosis in 2006 and recovery from a major episode in 2009, I have developed a deep appreciation for the stigma suffered by many. Even as reports that help us better understand many other chronic conditions continue apace, the same cannot be said about mental health or bipolar disorder. 

I gave a talk at TEDActive about my journey with bipolar disorder and the need for more people to remove the stigma of mental illness by simply being willing to learn about it and talk openly about it.

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