Cherry Bekaert rolled out a new look earlier this year and I have to say, the results are night and day. The company challenged professional services brand marketing firm Hinge Marketing with a re-branding project that would bring the Cherry Bekaert visual identity in line with the company’s role as a trusted partner in accounting and other vital business matters. The new visual identity also had to appeal to a national and potentially global clientele.

              Old                                                   New

Old Cherry Bekaert logo                                      Cherry Bekaert Logo


The tagline along with the new shortened company name, presented in a fresh new color palette and typeface, is modern but yet still approachable. The mark, a stylized version of the company’s initials, is dynamic, sophisticated but yet friendly. These elements are carried through in the website re-design and reflected in the images and color treatment. I was also pleasantly surprised to find WordPress as the underlying content management system.

                       Old                                                 New

Old CBH website              Cherry New


Overall, this was a successful rebranding effort that brings a somewhat dated brand identity up to date without losing sight of the firm’s client.

One thought on “Review: Cherry Bekaert Brand Identity Make-Over

  1. For what feels like the past forever years, that “old” look has almost been a requirement for certain industries, especially professional services firms. It’s nice to start seeing more and more dropping the serifs and “pushing ahead” if you will.

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