Nov 18

World Affairs Council of Atlanta Panel Recap

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Aug 25

Recap: Product Adoption Panel at Product Camp Atlanta 2013

My very first experience at a Product Camp unconference was educational, productive and exhilarating. Held at the GTRI conference center in Midtown Atlanta and organized by John Peltier, Jason Brett and a bevy of dedicated volunteers, it was probably one of the best non-leisure uses of a Saturday I’ve had in a while.


In the spirit of the unconference, all sessions are determined on event day by popular vote. Those proposing sessions go on stage to give their respective pitches in 3 minutes or less. Powered by an all-star panel of product management experts, my proposed panel got the thumbs up from attendees. Kudos to panelists Jeff Lash of Sirius Decisions, Andrea Moe of AirSage and Chidi Afulezi of redKola Digital. Here’s a recap of what was discussed:

Call of Duty Launch Event

Call of Duty Launch Event By Smartyhall, on Flickr

On measuring successful product adoption:

  • Defiine metrics for success before a product is introduced to its audience
  • Positive reviews and word of mouth are common measures of success for B2C products
  • Mobile apps are measured by the number of downloads; those with in-app purchases are able to track conversions
  • Product usage is a common measure of adoption for B2B products but the volume of support calls could be an indicator of success

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Jun 04

Recap: Flashpoint at Georgia Tech Cohort 3 Demo Day

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Apr 25

Review: Cherry Bekaert Brand Identity Make-Over

Cherry Bekaert rolled out a new look earlier this year and I have to say, the results are night and day. The company challenged professional services brand marketing firm Hinge Marketing with a re-branding project that would bring the Cherry Bekaert visual identity in line with the company’s role as a trusted partner in accounting and other vital business matters. The new visual identity also had to appeal to a national and potentially global clientele.

              Old                                                   New

Old Cherry Bekaert logo                                      Cherry Bekaert Logo


The tagline along with the new shortened company name, presented in a fresh new color palette and typeface, is modern but yet still approachable. The mark, Continue reading “Review: Cherry Bekaert Brand Identity Make-Over” »

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Apr 23

[Infographic] Burbs Not Going Away but in Decline?

If we are driving less, socializing virtually more and the resulting outcome is the demise of the suburb, what’s the next stage for the ‘burbs?

Burbs Go Bust Infographic

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Apr 21

Startup Weekend Atlanta – Spring 2013 Edition

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Apr 15

Atlanta Startup Weekend April 2013 Recap

Startup Weekend Atlanta – Spring 2013 Edition

This weekend more than 100 developers, designers, entrepreneurs, marketers and business professionals gathered at the Atlanta Technology Development Center for a 54-hour coding marathon otherwise known as Startup Weekend.

Storified by Jacqui· Mon, Apr 15 2013 07:01:12

The @GoGolf_ team at Startup Weekend Atlanta. #atlswJacqui Chew
In this edition, 39 pitches were heard Friday, April 12, resulting in 16 teams formed and last night 14 teams presented the fruits of their labor. From an app and website that helps golfers find others of similar skill level to schedule tee times, to one that helps women select the right jewelry, to a fundraising engine that connects donors with special needs rescue animals to a mobile app that helps teens find jobs, the ideas were as diverse as the backgrounds of the participants. Here are the highlights. 

Sunday Night and the Moment of Truth

With just 54 hours to code and prepare, the uneven presentations and demos were to be expected but the show and tell session got off to a bumpy start with the first three presentations getting lukewarm response from members of the tweeting audience and judges. Will Share for Food enables smalls businesses to encourage, track and reward their most loyal customers’ positive word of mouth shared via Facebook.
Will Share for Food is a platform that rewards social influencers with free product. #atlsw
Organizer Jen Bonnett tweet quotes one of the judges’ reaction to Will Share for Food’s business model:
"Why has this model failed the last 100 times someone tried it" – Judge at #ATLSWJen Bonnett
And the audience’s reaction to Hito, a personal travel concierge that ensures travelers don’t miss out on activities that they would enjoy when they are visiting a city, was lukewarm.
#atlsw Hito is a cool idea, but definitely has some technical and business model challengesJason Weisbrot
Lots of future tense in this pitch. #ATLSWJen Bonnett
But the Break Room team who had built an Android, an iOS and a web app over the weekend received a warmer reception.  
#atlsw Break Room – a site that facilitates group dining Weisbrot
TheBreakRoom made web app and native #iOS and #Android apps this #atlsw. #impressiveChris

Female-Focused Ideas

While the participant base was no more than 10 percent female, two of the 14 teams worked on female focused products. Jewelry Maven won the best design award.
#atlsw Jewelry Maven – an app that helps customers figure out how to match their clothes with their jewelryJason Weisbrot
Jewelry Maven… we have several necklaces and necklines in place… now we need to match them up! #atlsw Nelsen
Jewelry Maven made great progress this weekend. App appears very functional. #ATLSWJen Bonnett
Team Jewelry Maven at Atlanta Startup Weekend. #atlswJacqui Chew
Borrowed By Design lets women rent their formal and semi-formal wear to others but unlike competitors, it focuses on outfits in the mid-price range. They earned bonus points during the initial Friday pitch by doing so in their evening wear. 
Best dressed pitch ever: Borrowed by Design helps women trade dresses instead of buying them. #galsingowns #atlsw
While they couldn’t get their demo to display on Sunday night due to technical glitches, the presenters’ articulated presentation was appreciated by audience and judges alike. The team was awarded the best pitch in formal attire award by the judges. 
#atlsw Borrowed By Design – allows customers to avoid buying expensive formal wear by renting directly from other peopleJason Weisbrot
Like this“@jacquichew: Borrowed by Design is for women to exchange formal/semi formal clothing. Good eg of collaborative consumption #atlsw”Kristen H. Rachels
#atlsw team Borrowed by Design peer to peer rental of mid-priced semi/formal attire. Chew

And There Was Hilarity…

Team TopSpeed was the parody poster child of this Startup Weekend. And it was evident how the Tweeps responded to the presentation. 
#atlsw Top Speed – app to compare your speed on a stretch of road to others. "we’re probably creating more problems then we’re solving"Jason Weisbrot
@mariajoyner @topspeedapp brilliant clip too #fastandfurious #atlswAshish N Thakur
#atlsw Top Speed – customer validation: "Fast and the Furious" movies made $1.5b worldwide.Jason Weisbrot
@topspeedapp should get the popular vote…sold by the Vin diesel video. #atlsw Jayaprakash
The judges know how to have fun with this: Can you text at the same time? Business model: Sell a breathalyzer with it. @TopSpeedapp #atlswWanda

Erasing Teen Unemployment Reigns Supreme

Teens4Jobs hit cord with both judges and the audience. It took home the Peoples’ Choice award and judges’ social award for the best social impact product.
@jobs4teensatl working title for #atlsw #startup #weekend #logo #design #illustration #vector #icon #upallnight #forthechildren!DaCreativeGenius
#atlsw Jobs 4 Teens – site that matches companies with teens looking for workJason Weisbrot
@merrickfurst likes Jobs4TeensAtl – "Talent management for teens" #atlsw

And the Winnners Are…

Third Place – Fur and Feathers Fund

@jkhaliph It’s a platform for animal rescue centers to raise money for a specific animal’s care. #ATLSW Shehane
3rd place at #atlsw for a fundraising engine connecting donors and rescued animals. Built in backbone and rails :-) we’ll post pics.BackboneRails
Second Place – Popplr
Popplr presenting a way to help people discover and demand a pop up shop in your locale. #atlsw #fashion
POPPLR at work. #ATLSW Renukuntla
First Place – Fuber
Fuber connects food producers w consumers that want to eat it. Rev from 20% transaction fee. #atlswJacqui Chew
Farmers market app @getfuber takes first place at #atlsw, wins awesome prizes including 6 mos at @atltechvillage! Tech Village
Great experience at #atlsw this weekend. Congrats to @getfuber and @popplr!! Looking forward to seeing where you guys can take your ideas!Go Golf

Last Thoughts

I had a great time at Atlanta Startup Weekend #atlsw building web app for #Jobs4Teens with @VisualArtWerks (Atlanta’s best Illustrator)Abdullah Bokhari
Big fun judging #atlsw with @merrickfurst @davdunc @ed_rieker. Always impressed at what the teams can get done in a weekend!Blake Patton
Had such an amazing weekend at #atlsw this weekend! Met so many cool people and can’t wait to see what’s next!Kathryn Ewing
This latest #atlsw is over, and I’m feeling sad. Can’t wait til the next one! Maybe I’ll pitch.Chuck Marable
Gr8 job @TopSpeedApp n @breakroomatlsw! We had the most amazing apps out there in #atlsw! Honor workin with yall! :) Bendre
Startup Weekend is more than a code fest, the time compressed nature of the event creates a sense of community and possibility for all involved. We look forward to checking in with the winning teams and others from time to time. Bookmark this page for progress updates. 

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Apr 01

[Infographic] SXSW 2013

By the looks of it, Grumpy Cat stole the show this year. And as for Tweeters, Atlantans disappointingly did not rank. Look out for a video on Leap Motion which made it to this infographic in an upcoming post.


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Mar 21

Leap Motion at SXSW 2013

Leap Motion was one of the companies that made a big splash at SXSW 2013. The San Francisco-based company makes hardware and software that enables gestural control of devices. According to the company website, these units will be available May 13 and is priced at $79.99.

Described as bringing a “Minority Report” experience, the company is taking a page off Apple’s App Store approach and is currently in the process of attracting more developers to use its SDK and presumably stock Airspace, its app store with Leap Motion-enabled games and applications. Company representatives cite this strategy as the reason for pushing the launch date from February to March to now, May 13.

See demo. Continue reading “Leap Motion at SXSW 2013” »

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Mar 20

Near Grumpy Cat Sighting at SXSW 2013

SXSW 2013, Saturday Mach 9th

Long Lines for Grumpy Cat at SXSW 2013, image by Lotus Carroll on Flickr

Mashable smartly hosted Grumpy Cat, the meme sensation at SXSW this year. The frowning feline commanded lines that sometimes ran four blocks long. The intellectually snootie can lament the demise of intelligent discourse at SXSW all they want but Grumpy Cat’s popularity cannot be denied. Here’s a disappointed fan who didn’t get to see her royal highness, whose real name is Tardar Sauce, at the festival. See this story in on our favorite kitty. Continue reading “Near Grumpy Cat Sighting at SXSW 2013” »

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